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Returns Policy

Myers Photography & Design Ltd trading as Colin Myers Photography.  Registered in Scotland.  Company Number SC684145. Registered Office Address: Office 2, 30/2 Eskbank Office Complex, Dalkeith, EH22 3NX, Scotland.


Mistakes Ordering / Customer Changes Mind

Unless otherwise advertised, all goods sold by Colin Myers Photography are produced on demand to meet your specific requirements.  In order to keep prices down, we do not hold stock and every item is produced for you, customised to meet your exact needs e.g. product, image, format, size and quantity per your order.

We ship every order to the “Shipping Address” you supply us when you make your order, without exception.  It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to ensure you provide the correct shipping address when you make our order. 

Absolutely no refunds will be made for any items you order incorrectly and/or where you simply change your mind upon receipt of the goods.  In addition, absolutely no refunds will be made for any orders shipped to the wrong address, where the customer has provided the incorrect “Shipping Address”.

Please ensure you order the items you require carefully with the above in mind.


Damaged Goods / Refunds

Returns  will only be accepted where the goods you have ordered are in some way defective.  

Any such return claim must be received by us within 14 days of your receiving the goods.  All such claims must be made in writing via our contact form.

In order to progress any claim, we require all the following, in every case:

  • Order Number
  • Details of damage/reason for requesting return 
  • Clear photographs of the product packaging
  • Clear photographs of the damaged item

Without all the above items, we cannot progress any claim for a return and this applies to the photographs of the packaging too – please ensure you do not dispose of the packaging as this is required for every return.

When you submit the above information, we will assess the claim and respond to you within 2 business days.  For any returns we accept, we will send details of how and where to return your items.  Any such returns will be at our expense.  All refunds will be returned via the same method of payment used to make the original purchase.


Items Returned To Us/Re-Issuing Items (Failed Delivery)

  • We will post your order, using the delivery method you choose when you make your order via this website.
  • Every effort will be made by our delivery partner(s) to deliver your item(s) to your delivery address.
  • You will also receive an email when your order is complete and being posted, alerting you the order is on its’ way.   If you have paid for tracked postage, you will receive the tracking number at this stage.
  • If delivery has been attempted and has failed for any reason out with our control and out with the control of our delivery partner(s), the goods will generally be returned to us after a period of time.
    • This generally does include more than one delivery attempt by the delivery partner though this does vary from postal systems in various countries.
  • If goods are returned to us undelivered, we will get in touch with you via the email address used to make your order to advise you goods are with us, notify you of any wear and tear/damage caused by the excess time in the postal system and ask if you wish the same goods re-issued:
    • If you wish the goods to be re-issued, we will re-issue the same goods.
    • The cost to re-issue the goods will be the full cost of postage at the prevailing rate when we come to re-issue the goods to you.
    • This cost will be invoiced to you before any goods can be re-issued and must be paid before any goods can be re-issued.
  • If you decide you do not want the goods re-issued and/or do not respond within 6 weeks to our email, we will dispose of the goods, with no option for future re-issue by us.
  • Please make every effort to receive your goods and in the case where you have received a notification from a delivery partner (often a ticket/notice through your letterbox), you do collect/arrange re-delivery with the delivery partner to avoid any re-issue being required.


Terms & Conditions

All sales are concluded in line with our terms and conditions – these are available to view in full here.