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Tales of Old Edinburgh

A collection of short stories from Old Edinburgh featuring historical characters from yesteryear. Tales of darkness, light, hope, despair and everything in between; visit Edinburgh when the unusual and downright inexplicable was the norm, during a time when the truth was far more shocking and altogether more terrifying than fiction could ever hope to be.

Featuring the stories of Half Hangit Maggie (Maggie Dickson), The Wizard of the West Bow – Major Thomas Weir, Deacon Brodie, Queensberry House – Cannibal & Curses, Bluidy Mackenzie.

Each story comes with high quality, black and white images from the camera of Edinburgh based photographer, Colin Myers.

RRP is £9.99 but you can name your price (minimum is just £4.99) – pay what you can afford/what you feel it’s worth to you!

    • This 55 page book is delivered as an instant PDF download only.
    • There is no printed copy – you are buying a PDF copy of the book.