Normally reserved for stories and photos and I’ve a few of those cooking for you a bit later this week but I thought I’d share these here as I think a lot of you will enjoy them!

Awaiting new artwork ideas is like awaiting buses then boom…three come along at once. This is the story of the week so far with these three images now finished and showcased here before the rest of the world as promised and as you will always find as valued members here at CMP Online.

The images are based on three original images of mine, shot at various times and all featuring locations used in the TV series Outlander. I have never seen an episode and thats no slight either way….I just dont watch TV much. But they tell me it’s popular and so hopefully you guys will enjoy the images for images and if you are fans of the show, well a little more again. They are also available as prints via the members Paintings/Sketches archive discounted for yourselves. I am also planning to release the 3 on a special via my Facebook Page so do watch out for that too if you are interested.

Tanhouse Brae, Culross (aka as “Cranesmuir” in Outlander)

This is one I’ve been “getting round to” for a good two years now! Better late than never though right? Anyways, the view up Tanhouse Brae in Culross is always a thing to enjoy and never more so with a moody sky overhead. That forms the basis of this digital painting which I am very happy with, based on my own photo and with a good few tweaks and changes too! Known as the fictional village of ‘Cranesmuir’ in Outlander for those who don’t know incidentally.

Mercat Cross, Culross (aka as “Cranesmuir” in Outlander)

Here’s another I have had cooking for a while and whilst this was based on my original photo, it required a whole lot more work, artistic licence and other changes to go from the original to a genuinely period piece. Traffic is a constant issue here and building obstruction is never ideal. Still, got there in the end.

Bakehouse Close, Royal Mile, Edinburgh (aka as “Carfax Close” in Outlander)

An older shot (I have a few) of Bakehouse Close provides the inspiration and again, artistic licence used here to make changes and reinvent parts of the image. That said, it wouldn’t really be a deviation from the original without that now would it! Anyways, the ancient bakehouse was there on the right (hence the real name of this close) and of course, the house above the arch (Huntly House) dates back to 1570. Not quite sure what “Carfax” relates to but I am reliably informed a certain ‘print shop’ ws located up the steps there on the left which in the real world, leads on to some houses!

And there we have it – three ‘new’ digital paintings, none of which are hugely new though all of which are now finished an thus by definition, new works for me! Enjoy…