As the sun starts to slowly make its’ way up towards the morning twilight, warming the world as it moves ever closer to daybreak, the ship gently sits, deserted and safely anchored in the tiny bay. The old abbey looks on as the Firth of Forth starts to shimmer, the golden light from the sun just rising ever higher by the second and casting its warm glow all over the island and the water below.

It breaks through the mist and eventually starts to shine, purposefully and with such extremity it would surely cause serious eye damage if you were to catch such a view. It’s possibly a risk worth taking when you consider the view that awaits and the scene is forever etched in your head as you are glad you took that risk, the sight such a joy toe behold.

The Island, my latest artwork based on Inchcolm Island and Abbey on the Firth of Forth at sunrise, a fictional scene transferred from my head to this digital image above for your viewing pleasure, before the rest of the world gets to see it. Enjoy!