The day ahead beckoned and the morning air was a little colder than the sky would have you believe. There is nothing quite like the warmth from the fire and the view far beyond Auld Reekie to the East Lothian coast to warm a mans’ soul in the morn and he needed that this morning and ever more besides!

As he reached for his boots and walked to the window, smearing the dirty pane to squint still further he stopped for a split second and come to appreciate the awesome power that Mother Nature delivers on a daily basis. His fate was all but sealed and he would know the ramifications for his outburst soon enough, his date with destiny long since pencilled by the clerk of the court and his time drawing ever closer.

A free man he was and he would have his day in court. His story would be told, the truth would be out and he would walk with his head held high. He would beat those old cobbles again and he would make his way past the church of St Giles and the kirk of the Tron before. He would stop and he would draw breath as he made his way toward Parliament Square and he would look them straight in the eye and tell the world the truth that he knew would out. He would save his freedom, cleanse his soul and right the wrongs that had been put on him quite unfairly and with no regard for his person.

But first, he would draw a breath, fasten his boots and take to the High Street as he forgot the woes and tribulations that would lie ahead, just a second longer as he looked beyond and enjoyed that view, hopefully not for the last time…