Get ready to experience my brand new adventure game, available to play right here via my website!

The Curse of Deacon Brodie is a traditional text-based, interactive fiction game written by myself and set in Edinburgh during the year 1788.  The game is played entirely online and will see you take on the role of Thomas McWilliams – the innocent man who has been framed for a series of crimes he didn’t commit by none other than the dastardly Deacon Brodie – do you have what it takes to shake of the curse of Deacon Brodie and clear your name?

Explore eighteenth century Edinburgh as you wander freely around the famous old town, visiting the places you have come to know and love.  Every location in the game is described in vivid detail, providing a truly immersive game environment.

Interact freely with the characters in the game as you wander the cobbled old streets and closes.  Communicate with the people you meet on your travels as you look to clear your name (and even have some laughs along the way!)

Enjoy a traditional text-based adventure without the hassle of working out controls or using hardware – simply type some commands into your browser and experience the joy of interactive fiction.  

In order to play the game you need only pay once and thereafter enjoy unlimited access to play the game online exclusively via this website for as long as you like!  The game is pricey keenly as just £5.99 (around $8 USD at time of writing) – alternatively play for free with an Enhanced or Ultimate CMP Online Membership (with many other juicy benefits including access to my entire catalogue of books, new magazines published every month and a whole lot more besides.

Game now live at !