As the sun warms up the oldest house in Auld Reekie, once the home of one John Knox for a brief period and now changed hands again, the good people of Edinburgh are going about their business, unfettered by the change from day to night or night to day or day to evening or dusk to twilight; it’s all one to the folks of Auld Reekie.

The merchant fills the cart and makes for the Grassmarket, heading towards home as the old washerwoman carries another heavy bucket of water back to Old Fishmarket Close. The ragamuffins run barefooted over the cobbles and even the dirt tracks, the grooves worn by the horse and carts running the length and breadth of the High Street and all the way on to the Lawnmarket beyond.

A wee black dog sits on the road, taking his rest before heading off to his master at the foot of Candlemaker Row, ready for another night pacing the streets and keeping a watchful eye on proceedings as the good folks sleep and the town takes its’ rest, ready for another day.

Just a slice of Old Town life, another day in the town we call Edinburgh.

Image is John Knox House dating back to 1843, reworked by myself and coloured, recomposed slightly and a modified to create an artwork.