Bobby is one of the six options available for selection as a puzzle – check out the link below and get YOUT vote in today!

I am delighted to announce the first 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles will soon be available to pre-order via this website!

You can influence the images that will be used for the puzzle (there will be at least one image and quite possibly two if interest supports the print run) by clicking HERE and making your preferences known by liking, commenting and sharing on the image(s) you like the best and the images you would like to see appear as 1000 piece puzzles.

Voting will close on Monday 20th February and thereafter votes will be counted and the winning images will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and here on this website. I will also write to all subscribers on the Jigsaw Puzzle Mailing List.

Stay tuned for an special offer in relation to the puzzles you will NOT want to miss and make sure you get your pre-order in when the puzzles are available exclusively via this website only!