Walking down the age old Grassmarket was always like a walk through the vaults of his memories; he would smell the horses, the straw, the fresh bread and the ale from the taverns and the inns. He would hear the hustle and bustle of the townsfolk, going about their daily business, struggling and toiling yet getting by, always getting by.

He would walk on and with every cobble and every step taken, his mind would wander back to the time when his life was so much easier. He would remember the days when he would run, bare footed through this ancient street and when everyone would know his name. Every corner there would be someone standing, smoking a pipe, talking, shouting and the traders on the market would be singing, jostling and smiling.

Life was hard but it was hard together. Together, they would overcome almost anything life would and could (and did) throw at them. Together, they would go forward as one. Together, regardless, forever. His mind drifted back to the hear and now and how things had changed beyond all recognition. How the world had changed and how his life had irrevocably taken a turn in an altogether different direction.

That, was a lifetime ago. A lifetime he longed to find. A place he needed to be and something he would rekindle, somehow, someday.


The image above is taken from my own collection of antique prints and dates back to 1840 – yep – it was printed 180 years ago! I will soon make these available for all members to view in a brand new gallery. I’ll also be offering replica prints from these originals restored (clean, black and white and colour where I have them) and sepia for those who prefer.

In addition, I will have a supply of genuine antique prints to sell too (i.e. not reproductions – Victorian originals). Members will also have access to purchase these at a discount too. Stay tuned for more on this soon!