I am delighted to share my new artwork featuring Edinburgh at Christmas, set in the Victorian era, in the snow! It’s April (almost May) and we’re VERY early on this stuff but I am sharing here first as there’s much to do this year and this will be available as Christmas Cards and other stuff later in the year. For now, here are the images for you, my valued members to see before the rest of the world!

Enjoy !!!

First up, Greyfriars Bobby in the snow at the top of Candlemaker Row, with the image created from my head based on a few real images and this done digitally oil painted too!

The Waverley Bridge to the foot of Cockburn Street 125 years ago on Christmas Eve, the snow haven fallen all over Edinburgh and the horse and cart trails left all over the cobbled road as the men go about their business.

The world famous Royal Mile as the snow falls over the High Street and a few lights are on inside John Knox house, snow falling all over the capital.

There’s one more but I’m keeping that for later in the year. Remember…you seen it here first! šŸ™‚