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Welcome to Photography With Colin Myers

Photography with Colin Myers is a full colour mini-magazine written by myself and is available exclusively online, free of charge to all Enhanced and Ultimate members.

A new issue is published every month and can be enjoyed using my custom magazine viewer, designed to replicate the look, feel (and sounds) of turning the pages of a paper magazine!

The magazine offers tips, techniques and articles to help photographers of all levels focusing on different aspects of photography with issue and building up to provide a handy reference point.

Available Now

Click the front covers to read each issue.

Issue 1 – First Things First

Issue 2 – Let’s Get Outside!

Issue 3 – Composition

Issue 4 – Landscapes

Issue 5 – Street Scenes

Issue 6 – Shoot Winter

Issue 7 – Framing Shots

Issue 8 – Creative Scenery

Issue 9 – Rural Scenes

Issue 10 – Historic Buildings

Issue 11 – Sunset

Issue 12 – Everything…So Far!

Issue 13 – Happy Birthday to us!

Issue 14 – Bokeh & Blur

Issue 15 – Start to Finish

Issue 16 – By Hand!

Coming Soon

These issues are coming soon…

Issue 17 – Shooting Sunrise