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CMP Members – New Novel

Welcome to the exclusive CMP Members page, from which you can get the latest information and read my brand new novel as each chapter is published.  

It’s going live in July!  My long awaited work of fiction will be available at the end of July.  Read on for more information…

The Man Who Buys The Beef

In 1828 reality really is more terrifying than fiction as you are about to find out!  We will take a trip back in time to visit Edinburgh as it was……192 years ago!  A story based on real characters from Edinburgh; it’s a tale of love and hate, life and death, joy and misery and a whole lot of tension, with a huge slice of reality intertwined with fiction and a journey into some the darkest times Auld Reekie has ever seen…

*  A new chapter will be published here exclusively every Friday, until the story has concluded and the story commences on FRIDAY 31st JULY at 9pm!  The story will only be available to read via an Enhanced or Ultimate Membership Plan – click here for more details.

* The enhanced online version of the book will be available here, exclusively for members and will feature original artwork and photographs produced by myself, designed to provide a fully immersive experience for readers.

* Once the story has concluded, it will be added to the CMP Members Library and remain available for all members with an Enhanced or Ultimate Membership to read online, at any time for the duration of your membership.

* In addition, members will also have the option to buy a printed copy of the book as well as the option to buy a signed and numbered copy, with the option to purchase the original artwork and photographs that accompany the story.  If numbers permit, a print run may also be commissioned for non-members to purchase a copy of the book though this will not be confirmed until sufficient pre-orders can be obtained.

* If you want to read the story, the best way to do so is to join the membership scheme as an Enhanced or Ultimate Member and thereafter enjoy every chapter as the story unfolds.  You’ll also gain many other benefits including access to all my archives, special discounts, access to read my brand new full colour magazines (currently only available to members) covering Edinburgh and photography tuition and many other benefits…free prints are available to all members (qualifying period applies) and many other benefits are on offer too…if this appeals, click here and check it out.  

Thanks for your interest and support and I hope you enjoy the book when it goes live on the 31st July.  The countdown is on…