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Calendar Shipping Prices

Background & Shipping Prices 2020

I use the UK Post Office when posting all my calendars, regardless of where they are being sent. To date, every calendar I have ever posted has gone either International Standard (air mail) for all international deliveries or UK Second Class for every calendar posted in the UK.

As far as I am concerned, these two services have always offered the best price/service/speed combination…until very recently. UK Second Class remains a viable option in terms of price/service/speed for all UK deliveries and I have no plans to do anything with UK post options.

Unfortunately, the Post Office have increased all International Standard (air mail) prices and have significantly increased prices for all small parcels sent to the USA on the back of Covid19 and other increased costs they have cited as the reasons for the increase. As an example, I charged postage and packing at £10.80 for 1 single calendar to the USA before I was aware of the price increases. 90% of the calendars I am posting to the USA have been charged at the lower amount. However, that calendar is now costing me £14.88 to post (just for post) not taking into account the packing (hard backed envelope), labels and costs of getting the calendars to/from the post office. In short, I am making a 28% loss on postage…and that price only increases for larger packages i.e. 2 cals, 3 cals etc.

I absorbed these costs and took the hit for all postage to the USA prior to me becoming aware of the price increases and have now had to raise prices in line with Post Office Prices for this year. I have a plan for next year – read on!

Sadly, the Post Office have now now increased the prices for all other international destinations for similar reasons to the USA increase in price and essentially every single location to which I post a calendar now costs more than it did yesterday. I have had to increase prices in line with the Post Office again and this does mean higher prices than you will have seen before. Again, where I’ve already sold calendars and not yet posted, thats a hit I am taking again. Again, I have a plan for next year!

Plan For Next Year!

The timing of the price increases and the way things have gone this year means I have had no opportunity to do anything with the shipping options for this year – if I went to the cheaper option which takes longer, there was a risk (not guaranteed but a small risk) some calendars might not make it for Christmas / New Year. Thus, option was ruled out for this year and I took the massive hit on postage costs for the year.

To resolve this situation next year, I will be giving you the option to order your calendars using cheaper delivery options. This means you will actually pay less than you ever have ever paid before. I have never used economy delivery before as the price of air mail was always good value for money as far as I am concerned. I now believe the price increases (28%+) now justifies looking at these optons.

Economy Delivery is not a like for like service – delivery takes much longer BUT, if we start the calendar process a bit earlier and get the orders posted out earlier, the reality is it will make no difference (unless you typically put your calendar up before the new year 🙂 ) and you’ll save a fair bit of money.

Here are some examples to put this into perspective:
* 1 calendar to USA using International Standard (the current option) = £14.88
* 1 calendar to USA using International Economy (the new option) = £7.10
….exactly! A similar saving is achieved for larger orders too and thus I will be offering economy shipping next year for anyone who wants it. Economy shipping does take a good deal longer (suggested delivery window is 2 – 12 weeks approx) but if the calendars are posted out earlier, it will make no real difference as you’ll have your package long before Christmas/New Year.

So, there will be options next year for international deliveries for anyone who wants the cheaper shipping option – I will review prices closer to the time but that’s certainly the plan. You will also have the option to use the same service I always have if you so wish. As I guide, at the moment I post calendars on day 1 and most destinations have the calendars 7 – 28 days later as it stands. The cheaper service is between 2 – 12 weeks.

UK Deliveries

UK Deliveries will not be impacted by any of the above – this only affects international deliveries and as a rule, UK calendars tend to arrive about a week after being posted so we have no real need to do anything with the UK postage options at this time. However, I will keep an eye on this too though and if anything should change, I will review the options nearer to the time of next years’ calendar sales process.