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The Man Who Buys The Beef

In 1828 reality really is more terrifying than fiction as you are about to find out. Take a trip back in time to visit Edinburgh as it was……192 years ago and enter the world of William Burke and William Hare! It’s a story based on real characters from Edinburgh. It’s a tale of love and hate, life and death, joy and misery and a whole lot of tension, with a huge slice of reality intertwined with fiction and a journey into some the darkest times Auld Reekie has ever seen…

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Tales of Old Edinburgh

A collection of tales from Old Edinburgh featuring historical characters from yesteryear. Tales of darkness, light, hope, despair and everything in between. Featuring the stories of Half Hangit’ Maggie (Maggie Dickson), The Wizard of the West Bow – Major Thomas Weir, Deacon Brodie, Queensberry House – Cannibals & Curses and Bluidy Mackenzie. Illustrated with 15 Colin Myers black and white original photographs

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The Streets & Closes of Old Edinburgh

The Closes & Streets of Old Edinburgh

Take a walk through the closes and streets of Old Edinburgh and enjoy fifteen of my original black and white photographs. The history behind each location is also provided, with the narrative you have come to enjoy via my Old Edinburgh Facebook Page. It's all here in black and white, waiting to take you on an exhilarating journey through the dark and intriguing streets of Old Edinburgh.

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The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile

Wander down the historic Royal Mile and absorb the history behind 31 locations on this famous old street, complete with a matching photograph from my collection. Each location is detailed with a full colour photograph, taking you on a virtual tour around one of Scotland's most famous streets; loved the world over, you'll soon be a fan of our famous old Mile and you don't need to take a single step from your armchair!

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