Old Jock & Bobby

I am excited to tell you I’ve been working on a number of new collaborations, partnerships and hook-ups with various individuals and organisations to make a few new things happen. This has led to brand new imagery being created by me using new sources, suppliers, tools and media and this image here is one such secret project!

This one depicts Auld Jock (the master of) Greyfriars Bobby with Bobby somewhere in the nineteenth century as they walked around Old Edinburgh. It doesn’t exist ANYWHERE else and I’m not sure if it’ll go live any time soon.

I’ve a number of other illustrations and images featuring Bobby for my much overdue Christmas story featuring Bobby…so stay tuned for that.

Meantime…hope you liked this members exclusive image premiere. I can make this available as a print for any member interested (exclusively for now anyway) – let me know via a message if keen.