As the winter turned to spring and the spring turned to summer, wee Bobby returned day after day and maintained his vigil. Auld Jock had departed during the February and the winter was still harsh, raining down on wee Bobby with all that Nature could muster. Still, he returned. He sat, quietly, looking and waiting. He sat and he watched.

The watchman’s dog was far more than that to Auld Jock and Auld Jock to him. His best friend, his most loyal and trusted companion. He wouldn’t be moved by the caretaker, the people of Edinburgh or even the family. They would chase, chastise and beckon him away, often with the promise of a few scraps but he would prevail, return and remain steadfast.

Wee Bobby would remain. The summer sun would rise beyond the walls of Greyfriars and in doing so, it would warm the old place and wee Bobby’s bones. He would remain, he would prevail, he would survive and he would wait. Wait he did and as the sun come up, he gazed towards the bell tower, the chimes silenced this morning. They would ring again, the sun would continue it’s relentless journey and he would wait.

Wee Bobby.