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About The Collection

My collection of fine antique prints comprises more than 100 original 18th and 19th century images, obtained over a number of years from a wide variety of sources.

The collection largely focusses on Old Edinburgh, depicting the famous buildings, streets and closes across the capital, through a series of hand crafted images completed by some of the most eminent artists of the day including William Turner.

A number of other locations are covered and the collection also includes some original antique and vintage postcards, also available to purchase.

Antique Prints (Reproductions)

Faithful Reproductions

More than 70 of my antique prints are available as carefully produced, faithful reproduction prints, processed and prepared to the highest standard, ensuring each print accurately recreates the original image with the same layout as the original print as dar as possible.

Original Artwork

Each print comes with the original drawing as per the original antique print. The original image is not changed in any way during my reproduction process, save for removal of any dirt, marks or blemishes that can (and do!) appear on images dating back 150-200 years! The details need to be seen to be appreciated and these original artworks are truly a rarity in this modern day and age.

Original Details

Each print also carries details of the original artist, engraver and the original image title, where these details are known. In addition, the typefaces used are almost identical to those used on the original print for maximum authenticity.

Professionally Produced Modern Print

Each reproduction is professionally printed and available as a matt photographic print in sepia or black and white. These reproductions truly offer you the best of both worlds – you get a clean print, free of all defects and age related marks with the original content present on the antique print. Please Note: Watermarks will not be present on your prints and are only here for online image protection.

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Antique Prints (Originals)

Antique Print

These items are NOT reproductions or copies. These are original, antique prints. As an indication of the age, these prints were originally produced centuries ago – the oldest dating back to 1791, most dating around 1810-1890. As you can see, these are OLD prints. For the avoidance of doubt, these are not replicas of any kind and are original antique prints over a century (some are two centuries!) old.


The condition of my prints varies but they are all graded either “GOOD” or “VERY GOOD”. What this means? They are good for framing and will look great on your wall. However you must expect some marks, in line with the age of the prints. Pieces of paper that date back from 1791 – 1902 are not new and will vary in condition. Thus, the photos included with the sales of these items form part of the description – you MUST check these to ensure you are satisfied with what you are buying.


Almost all my original antique prints are images derived from old books and publications. Most will be less than a full A4 page and some are in the region of 5×3, 6×4 or 7×5 inches (approx) as in the image itself, the rest of the piece comprising the title etc. Each image is described in some detail in terms of the sizes – do check these to ensure you understand the size of the print.


Most of my antique prints have been acquired from a number of sources including disbound antique books, antique newspapers and other sources. Most will be clear of printing on the reverse side (verso) though again, each print is described in detail. Again make sure you are happy with the image you are buying.

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Available March 2021
Antique & Vintage

All the postcards available to purchase are original antique and vintage; that is to say they are at least 50 years old, most around 100 years old and all are originals. There are no reproduction prints in this collection and most items are extremely rare, becoming very hard to find in good condition.


All postcards offered for sale are un-posted and have no writing on the back of the card. They are all in good condition and any wear and tear present will be minimal, in line with a postcard dating back over a century in some cases. Do study the photos and read the description for each item to ensure you are happy with the postcard.

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Available March 2021