This is a wee bit of an exclusive (so don’t tell anyone yet!) – I’m currently in the later stages of planning the 2023 Colin Myers Photography calendars! Yes…calendars (plural).

Now, I always publish two calendars – you have exclusive access to look back over these and the images here as part of your membership…this year, I’m going to go a wee step further and publish (drum roll) THREE calendars!

The content is not yet finalised and I’m still working on the images to offer for inclusion but there is a very strong chance at least one calendar will be filled with my artwork on the back of hundreds of requests from members and readers of my Facebook Pages.

Sooo, if you like my artwork and want to see a dozen images in one calendar…stay tuned. For those who enjoy my Edinburgh and Midlothian Calendars – have no fear…they will return imminently too with a pre-order starting very VERY soon. Stay tuned and I can’t reveal any more just now though when they are ready for the image selection process YOU will be the first to know.