Photography Tuition

I offer a complete photography tuition service, where I teach you the most important aspects of photography from the basics upwards.  This covers everything you need to know around understanding your camera and it’s functions, composition and capturing great shots and a number of tricks and tips I use every day to produce the photographs you see on this website and on my various Facebook Pages.

I specialise in landscape photography and all my tuition takes place in one of the most beautiful (and most photographed) cities in the world, namely, Edinburgh.  You can check out my work in my galleries above and also the slideshow you see right up there which is a subset of those galleries; if there are specific areas you are keen to capture, this can be incorporated into your tuition.

In addition to landscape photography, I will cover other aspects of photography including the best way to capture people, animals and everything else you care to capture on camera – if you can shoot it with a camera, I’ll show you how to best do that, offering my experience and a few wee tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way!

Here are few key components I cover through my tuition options:

  • Camera Handling – how to hold the camera (and how NOT to hold the camera) to achieve the best results
  • Exposure & Metering – properly exposed photographs require attention to the meter and I’ll show you how this works
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO – the three most important components you will commonly utilise when shooting a photograph – I’ll cover all 3 components, tell you what they are and what you need to know to balance them up
  • Depth of Field & Focus – how to achieve a crisp and clear shot with (or without, depending on your need) blurry backgrounds
  • Lenses, Tripods & Other Stuff – changing lenses, how they work and what they do and thereafter, an explanation as to when you need (and don’t need!) a tripod and other basic equipment
  • Composition – understand what should be in your shot and how to achieve that for best results
  • Light – thinking about light and how this affects your photography
  • Post Processing – this is a huge subject in itself but I can offer insights into the basics and offer more detailed tuition for those with previous experience of post processing

My beginners tuition will cover all the above to varying degrees and I can also cover any and all the above topics in more detail to suit any specific requirements you may have, regardless of your experience level and equipment owned.

In order to participate in my tuition, you will need a camera where you can modify the settings, ideally a DSLR though any camera where you can modify the settings will be absolutely fine.  No unnecessary jargon will be used and I will help you get the best from whatever camera you have.

Prices start from £50.00 per person for a workshop group (4 participants – subject to availability) with one on one tuition also available for £90.00 for a half day (3.5 hours approx) or £175.00 for a full day (8 hours approx) and a 20% discount offered for anyone booking 2 full days tuition (recommended). Click here to check availability and book 1:1 tuition with me.

My tuition is also available as a personalised gift voucher – why not treat someone to some professional tuition as a gift or perhaps to accompany their new camera?

Drop me a message via this link to outline your requirements and we can go from there.  Alternatively, you can give me a call on 07537 129 957 to discuss further.